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Ludcher Drum Company not only makes drums but also snare drums. Indeed, why not let yourself be tempted by this instrument whose place in the game is among the most important. From the snapping and incisive sound to the warm and sensitive sound. We offer you a wide range of products that will always adapt to your needs!


A Unique Look

Ludcher Drum Company instruments have adopted a unique look, no exception for the snare drums!

Here, we manufacture the entire things, the shell, the lugs, the hoops and even the throw-off. The goal is to give you a unique look and a tailor-made sound.


A studied sound

At Ludcher Drum Company, we have studied as scientifically as possible how your instruments react. What are our results? Thin shells with a reinforcement ring cut into the mass to obtain the richest wavelengths. Semi-radial decompression for consistent sound. A careful bearing edge for optimized sound.


Anatomy of our Shell

Our barrels are made up of a single part divided into 3 sub-assemblies:

  1. Reinforcement ring = 12mm thick / 25mm deep

  2. Shell body = 7mm thick

  3. Reinforcement ring = 12mm thick / 25mm deep

The reinforcement ring is cut from the mass, no piece of wood is glued to create the extra thickness.


The Bearing Edge

Bearing edges are a very important element in the sound of the instrument. In direct contact with the head, it is the link between the shell and the vibrating membrane. At Ludcher Drum Company, the bearings edges are worked with great care in order to obtain the desired sound.

Quarter round exterior and 45° interior for a warm and snapping sound. It's the ultimate vintage sound.


Different finishes

In order to satisfy all your desires, Ludcher Drum Company offers several finishes on both the drums and the hardware.

The brass hardware can simply be oiled to protect and retain the natural color. Or it can be patinated either by letting the brass age naturally which will oxidize over time or by accelerating the process to give a black tint (see photo).


Natural finishes

At Ludcher Drum Company, we are sensitive to respecting the environment. This is why we design our own finishes using 100% natural products. There are two possible finishes:

  1. Filled wax: the pores of the wood are filled using a homemade polish (local beeswax)

  2. Shellac varnish: The wood is varnished using shellac, an ancestral process which consists of depositing a very thin layer of shellac on the wood in order to give depth and a magnificent shine. This is what Stradivarius did on these violins...


Satisfaction guaranteed

At Ludcher Drum Company, your satisfaction is our priority. This is why we install our hardware as a priority but it is also possible to change the brass hoops with die cast hoops made in the Basque country or the brass throw off with a Trick one made in the USA. You just have to ask .


SARL Ludcher Drum Company

La Hyaule, 50240 Saint Senier de Beuvron

06 38 84 53 12

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