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La Tournerie du Beuvron

Ludcher Drum Company is a manufacturer of acoustic drums, but not only that... It is also a custom woodturning company. We have already been working for several years in collaboration with architects, fitters and designers to produce their turned parts. So why not you?

Do not hesitate to contact us to share your projects or simply if you would like more details on a particular point (free quote).


An equipped workshop

Our workshop is equipped with several machines to respond to all types of requests.

- Small single piece or xxl format

- Serial work

- Great adaptability


Who can do more, can do less

This first machine, the manutor 4500, allows, as its name suggests, to turn parts up to 4500mm long and 600mm in diameter .

XXL formats but not only! Its exaggerated capabilities of course ensure the production of miniature pieces. Child's play !


Large diameter

This second wood lathe, the Ducuroir B 362, allows us to turn larger diameters , up to 800mm for a maximum length of 2500mm. Of course, we can carry out other smaller projects thanks to its various assets.


Serial production

The Codim 1500, a war machine equipped for mass production . Nothing scares him... He is capable of swallowing shavings at full speed. Able to produce parts in series thanks to its hydraulic feeler, these maximum capacities are 1500mm long and 200mm in diameter .


As soon as done, as soon as turned

The layout of our machine park has been optimized to be able to run in series immediately after producing the first part. We work in scrupulous compliance with your detailed plans provided during our discussions.

The raw material is generally provided by the customer, deliveries are made without problem thanks to external heavy goods vehicle access. However, we can probably carry out your work from A to Z, all you have to do is ask .

Smid SRE24 2.jpeg

And why not brass?

The workshop is equipped with two so-called “revolver” lathes allowing the machining of small parts in series . Mainly used to machine brass, why not make your own parts such as door knobs or other decorative pieces for your projects?

You only have to see what hardware we produce on our drums to give you an idea.

We can turn round, square, hexagon from 6 to 32mm in diameter.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Our job is to bring ideas to life, and thanks to our years of practice, we know that we can help you achieve what you have in mind. If you have a specific request, contact us .

We will always try to give you complete satisfaction.

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