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The story of an enthusiast

Clément Ludcher, 30 years spent on this planet (well… when I'm not on the moon). Son of a veterinarian father in love with manual work and of a journalist mother, it was logical that after my Baccalaureate S SVT I continued my studies at the faculty of biology by wanting to become a researcher in primatology. This job consisted of frolicking in the jungle for several hours a day to follow groups of primates (non-humans). I recorded every little sound that came out of their vocal cords to then analyze them and try to translate them in a scientific way (with all the rigor we attribute to it). I loved this job but what I loved most of all was being in nature with my colleagues (the monkeys) and not sitting behind my computer doing statistical analyzes. On the other hand, I have always followed in my father's footsteps who loved to tinker with whatever he could. It must be said that when you are the grandson of a cabinetmaker trained at the Boulle school and of a carpenter-upholsterer grandfather, it helps. It is therefore in all “epigenetic-logic” that I resumed my studies at the age of 27 to become a battery factor. A BTS in development and woodworking allowed me to learn to master the tools necessary for the creation of my instruments. It must be said that my first creations dating from my 16 years made with the means at hand, namely the old tools of my elders, are not the most perfect but put my foot in the stirrup. From now on, it is armed with my “real” workshop machines and especially my wood lathe that I make dream instruments for you. The wood lathe, ah this machine which made me dream all my childhood!

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